by Anne
co-created with Cait

Past Characters

Current Cast Members

Birthday:February 22, 1475
Physical Age:22
Vampirized in: 1497
Looks: Brown hair, hazel eyes, and a little bit of facial hair. 5'5"
Info: Jocet had the same odd power that Saorla had, so Collamair, thinking that with Saorla perhaps he had done something wrong, turned Jocet, hoping for a powerful vampire. Jocet who had been considering becoming a priest, did not manifest any significant power either and was, as with Saorla, one of his weakest vampires. Collamair then realized that the strange power within them had something to do with their religiosity, and it would not bend to his will. As a result of their similar origins Saorla and Jocet are very close, in love, in fact, and rely on each other heavily. They aren't really on bad terms with anyone (except for maybe Eanwulf), and actively work to befriend Faylin.
First Appearance: Page 28
Last Appearance: Page 938
Birthday: August 9th, 1433
Physical Age: 26
Vampirized in: 1459
Died In: 1888
Looks: long, curly, black hair, black eyes. 5'10"
Info:Eanwulf is the most independt of Collamair's vampires in that he is the only one who has taken the step to move away from his master. He did this primarily because he wanted to raise his own vampires, something not allowed when you're not your own master. He remains in close contact with Collamair, however. In the past this was simply because he likes to keep an eye on his master and know what he's up to. With the addition of Faylin to the ranks, his interest has shifted. Eanwulf is also a sexual deviant, with interests not limited to pedophilia, though that is his favorite.
First Appearance: Page 20
Last Appearance: Page 875
Birthday: February 28th, 1548
Physical Age:6
Vampirized in: 1554
Died In: 1888
Looks: Messy red hair, green eyes. 3'6"
Info: Though she is only a little over six years old physically, Neala is Eanwulf's oldest vampire, but not his first. Before he took away much of his vampires' free will, they would kill themselves if they got the chance. Neala, much like any of the vampires at Eanwulf's residence, has the ability to see ghosts. She does not think of this as such a terrible thing, because she can still see and talk to, somewhat, her twin sister who died when they first got there.
First Appearance: Page 503
Last Appearance: Page 877
Birthday: ???
Looks: Is a ghost, so appears greyed-out and faded, often wears a British soldier's uniform and long dreds, but can change his shape easily. 7'1"
Info: Liam is the ghost of Faylin's former friend Farrell. "Liam" is his original name, but he would be comfortable going by several because of his several reincarnations. He is unable to move on from the living world due to a curse placed on him in his first life. Liam, like Farrell and his other reincarnations is 1/4 sidhe and 3/4 kat-sith. He sticks by Faylin for much of the time, perhaps as a welcome break from the normally unchanging nature of his death. Unlike other ghosts, Liam is capable of controlling his surroundings with ease and making himself visible to anyone, not just those who can see ghosts.
First Appearance: Page 635
Last Appearance: Page 811
Torren O'Neil
Birthday:July 10th, 1813
Died In: 1851
Info: Torren is one of the humans in Colly's town who works a patch of land and also takes care of some animals. He is acquainted with the town's master vampire during the census and Collamair quickly takes an interest in him. After an extended "courtship" Collamair manages to convince Torren to indulge in his desires, and they have a romance together for the duration of Torren's life, which is less than two years. He is tragically killed when his horse throws him.
First Appearance: Page 772
Last Appearance: Page 779
Edward Pendleton
Info: Mr. Pendleton is the middleman of the landord that owns property to the south of Collamair's castle and town during the potato famine. His job is to basically be the landlord by collecting and managing rent, but without owning the land. He does so on behalf of his cousin (below), who has kindly consented to give him this potentially lucrative and important position. Mr. Pendleton has, theoretically, managed the land quite satisfactorily until the famine hits, and then is forced to bend uncomfortably to his employer's will.

First Appearance: Page 707
Last Appearance: Page 715
James Englewood
Info: Mr. Englewood is the cousin to Pendleton above, and owner of the land he manages in his stead. It can be safely assumed, like many British land-owners, he has rarely, if ever, set foot upon his property before the famine hit. The decrease in revenue is most irritating to him, and he arrives at Edward's house looking to prod him into action, or to fire him.

First Appearance: Page 710
Last Appearance: Page 714
Lynette (The Book Thief)
Info: Lynette was one of Collamair's human servants. She served him quite indistinguishably (as most human servants strive to do), until she got caught up in his library past sunrise and was caught sneaking out while borrowing one of his books. Instead of Collamair reacting very poorly, he was far too lenient, and taking it entirely too much to heart, Lynette violated his privacy to an extreme. Collamair then sentenced her to confinement in a dungeon cell rather than killing her. However, her imprisonment drove her lover to turn leech and he killed many of her friends before Collamair killed him. When she was able she killed herself by jumping from the castle.

First Appearance: Page 552
Last Appearance: Page 567
Birthday: June 14th, 1579
Died In:1604
Looks: shoulder length, curly blonde hair, light blue eyes. 5'2"
Info: Catherine was living an unhappy life with the leather worker when Collamair came and offered to take her away to a seemingly more glamorous life. But then she turned out to be a total back-stabbing bitch and Collamair ended up killing her, and almost himself in the process. Oops!

First Appearance: Page 451
Last Appearance: Page 463
Farrell O'Raleigh
Birthday: November 1, 1548
Looks: Orange hair, eyes change color, naturally purple. 7' 1"
Info:Farrell is a faerie (1/4 Sidhe and 3/4 Kat-Sith). Kat-Sith is a type of cat fae which gives him his cat-like qualities. He also has the ability to transform himself and other creatures into anything he wishes: an art he gained from the the Sidhe side of his family. He claims to be descended from royalty, but he'd never tell you that his line of the family fell out of favor with the King millennia ago. After his family was fired from Lord Edwardson's, he spent a great deal of time traveling, first with Cadfael and then Faylin. Farrell was then way-laid by love and abandoned his wandering years. After nearly killing him accidentally, Faylin vanished as well. Not so easy to banish was his stealing habit, which eventually got him caught by the British and sent to America as an indentured servant in the cane fields.
First Appearance: Page 131
Last Appearance: Page 368
Birthday: June 14th, 1579
Looks: long, curly brown hair, blue eyes. 5'6"
Info: Breen is a the daughter of a farmer and was living at home helping her father with daily, normal farm life. Then a faerie and vampire ended up spending the night in her barn and things got a little more complicated. Breen and Farrell, the resident faerie, ended up falling in love. She encouraged Farrell to give up his devious ways, which was quite a feat, and not entirely successful. After his subsequent arrest and shipment to America, she haphhazardly gathered her stuff and followed after hoping to reunite with him.

First Appearance: Page 353
Last Appearance: Page 368
Info: Cadfael is a human/kat-sith (50/50) hybrid who met and befriended Farrell at lord Edwardson's during his youth. When Farrell left hom to go out on his own, Cadfael accompanied him at least until he ran into a pretty seamstress and settled down with her.

First Appearance: Page 190
Last Appearance: Page 303
Isleen Edwardson
Died In: 1561
Birthday: August 23, 1539
Looks: long, curly brown hair, blue eyes. 5'2"
Info: Isleen was the only daughter of the lord Royan Edwardson. Edwardson's castle was the place Collamair and his group chose to stay while away from home. Using a little persuasion, both physical and hypnotic, they temporarily secured a wing of the castle. Isleen had nothing to do with the vampires until her father held a ball where the humans and vampires intermingled. There she spotted Faylin whom she recognized from town. Though Faylin was a peasant and a vampire, he started courting her with her father's begrudging approval and completely against Collamair's wishes. Collamair was then forced to make a sudden departure from Edwardson's, and when Faylin revisited his old love several years later, her father had become a leech, been excommunicated, and died, and she had been very sick and died soon after Faylin's last visit with her.

First Appearance: Page 107
Last Appearance: Page 217
Lord Royan S. Edwardson
Info: Edwardson is Isleen's father and owner and lord of the castle and local lands. His time as lord was fairly unremarkable until a vampire happened upon his town and liked the looks of it. Collamair and a few of his vampires set up shop through some hypnosis, threats, and treatises. Despite all Collamair's words guaranteeing Edwardson's safety, however, Eanwulf disobeyed Collamair by secretly feeding upon him, enough so that he eventually turned leech, was imprisoned, and died.

First Appearance: Page 107
Last Appearance: Page 214
Info: Terry is one lucky son of a bitch.

First Appearance: Page 435
Last Appearance: Page 439
Endelyon and Donnabhain O'Callahan
Age: Endelyon - 21; Donnabhain - 14
Died In: 1555
Looks: Endelyon - Blue eyes, long, wavy, black hair. 5'3" Donnabhain - Eyes a little darker green than Faylin's, brown hair the same as his. 4'8"
Info: Endelyon was Faylin's wife and Donnabhain his little brother. Endelyon, when not chasing around their children, often helped Faylin in the forge of his silver-smithery. Donnabhain was apprenticed to his older brother who had been taking care of him since their parents died several years before. At least, until Collamair showed up.
First Appearance: Endelyon - Page 10; Donnahbain - Page 11
Last Appearance: Page 20
Mirna, Kaleigh, Sairla, and Eilin O'Callahan
Age: Mirna - 5; Kaliegh - 4; Sairla - 2; Eilin - 1
Died In: 1555 (Eilin and Kaleigh)
Looks: Mirna - wavy, dark brown hair, her father's light green eyes; Kaleigh - wavey black hair, green eyes; Sairla - straight black hair, blue eyes; Eilin - dark brown, straight hair, blue eyes.
Info: Faylin and Endelyon's children: Kaleigh opened the door to Collamair's servants whom entered and gave him the invitation. She died shortly thereafter when Collamair crushed her throat and she asphyxiated. Eilin, Sairla, and Mirna were given to Eanwulf to get them out of the way, and Eilin died the very same night. Sairla and Mirna were given a brief reprieve from their horror and placed in the care of Jocet and Saorla, but Eanwulf won them back and sent them to his castle. Sairla died there after a few years; Mirna yet lives on.
First Appearance: Kaleigh - Page 9; others - Page 11
Last Appearance: Eilin - Page 29; Kaleigh - Page 20; Sairla - Page 46