by Anne
co-created with Cait

The Current Characters

Past Cast Members

Collamair Gilleandrais
Birthday: March 26, 1088
Physical Age: 19
Vampirized in: 1107
Looks: Deep, blue eyes, like the ocean, and dirty blonde/light brown hair. 5'7"
Info: As a human, Collamair was a chieftan's son, but his eldest brother sold him and his youngest brother to a vampire named Bhruic. Bhruic raised Collamair as a vampire immediately but simply used his little brother as a way to control and punish Collamair until, acting on his brother's wishes, Collamair killed him. He has since gained independence from Bhruic, though his master still likes to pop in and bother him often, simply because he can. Collamair has the ability to absorb vampire energy and turn it into his own, or use it in its original state. Because he is so closely in tune with this energy, his link to his vampires is much stronger than most other groups. Collamair had been playing evil master overlord for quite some time, but while on vacation he raised a new vampire, Faylin. And things haven't quite been the same since.
First Appearance: Page 1
Faylin O'Callahan
Birthday: November 16, 1534
Physical Age: 21
Vampirized in: 1555
Looks: straight brown hair and light, green eyes as a human, golden yellow as a vampire. 5'6"
Info: Faylin was happily minding his own business when Collamair invaded his home, destroyed his family, and brought him back to the castle he was staying in to make him a vampire. Collamair had noticed a strange power within Faylin that attracted him, and was likely responsible for the strange things Faylin was able to do before and upon Awakening. When Faylin had fully awakened, Collamair angered him which caused the power inside of him to take over and nearly killed Collamair but also destroyed half of Faylin's soul. Collamair put a seal on Faylin's anger to control the energy, so he is no longer able to get angry, but, unusually, the rest of Faylin's soul still remains connected to his body.
First Appearance: Page 9
Birthday:May 18th, 1471
Physical Age:23
Vampirized in: 1494
Looks: Long, wavy brown hair, usually worn pulled back in a twist, brown eyes, 5'2"
Info: As a human, Saorla was very devoted to her religion; Collamair could feel some strange power within her and made her into a vampire, but it failed to manifest in her Awakening. This intial disappointment colored his view of her for many years after. She mostly contented herself with Jocet's company, once he was raised, and made other friends in the vampire ranks. Though she is not a particularly powerful vampire, she can be fiery and stubborn about things she very strongly believes in. She has recently spread her wings and left Collamair's home in pursuit of Faylin, Mirna, and to learn more about the world.

First Appearance: Page 28
Birthday: October 30th, 1307
Physical Age: 24
Vampirized in: 1331
Looks: Long, straight, black hair, vibrant blue-green eyes. 5'7"
Info: Collamair's first vampire. When he found her, her husband had died and she lived with no children: she was ready for a new life, and he was more than glad to give it to her. Perhaps because of the desperate situation he took her out of, she fell in love with Collamair and would do anything for him. She is kind of a matriarchal figure to the vampires, keeping who she can in line, and informing Collamair of any troubles she isn't capable of dealing with. Collamair is closest to her out of all his vampires.
First Appearance: Page 1
Birthday: April 11th, 1300
Physical Age: 31
Vampirized in: 1331
Looks: short, red hair, green eyes, scruffy chin beard. 5'9"
Info: Collamair's second vampire. He's very chivalrous, courteous, and quiet to the point of being boring. Formerly a knight, he was persuaded to become a vampire because of Auron. Though he had a wife and family of his own, he fell in love with her, and Colly, being a new vampire and in a dangerous position without a permanent home or adequate servants to protect him, used those feelings to convince him to join with them. Though he is old enough to be on his own, he stays with Collamair because of Auron.
First Appearance: Page 68
Birthday: September 11th, 26BC
Physical Age: 37
Vampirized in: 11AD
Looks: Very straight brown hair down to his chin, small beard, eyes like the National Geographics girl. 6'1"
Info: Bhruic is Collamair's master. Since he and Colly aren't on the best terms, he likes to undermine him whenever possible. Bhruic likes to turn humans who have unusual eyes as he learned from his own master it often signifies someone who will make a powerful vampire. However, this method has given him a kiss of vampires that is ecclectic and varied. Needless to say, of all Collamair's vampires, Faylin sparks his interest the most, and not only because his eyes are yellow. Bhruic also has the unfortunate characteristic of voyeurism.
First Appearance: Page 153
Ignatius and Lochan Bainbridge
Birthday: January 18th, 829
Physical Age: 18
Vampirized in: 847
Looks: Short, brown hair, violet eyes. 6'2"
Info: Ignatius and Lochan are twins. Bhruic liked their violet eyes, but in truth really wanted their mother. She proved too much for him to handle, however, so he settled for these two who had been out in the woods fooling around with their cook. With their powers, the twins are able to assess and alter many systems of the body. Maybe because they were killed throws of passion, however, they thrive on sexual gratification and like to think of themselves as sex gods.
First Appearance: Page 153
Birthday: May 3, 1400
Physical Age: 23
Vampirized in: 1423
Looks:light blonde, straight hair a bit past his shoulders, very light blue eyes. 5'9"
Info: As a regular vampire, Struan liked silver pointy things, and sticking them into people, often for Bhruic's entertainment. Struan was someone he looked favorably upon, until he and Struan took a trip to see Eanwulf together. Struan learned to see ghosts and it rapidly affected his behavior toward his former pastimes and the master who was making him create even more ghosts to haunt him. Struan has since been rescued from his predicament with Bhruic and has been traveling about Ireland with Connlaoth.

First Appearance: Page 153
Birthday: August 2, 1281
Physical Age:29
Vampirized in: 1310
Looks: Hazel eyes with auburn hair. 5'6"
Info: Maili was raised by Ceara, a vampire belonging to Bhruic. Feeling somewhat stifled by the vampire politics and life, she has since gone out on her own and works for various spans of time at different jobs. Her current "life," when Faylin meets her, is working in a high-end brothel. Being a vampire, she has some influence (hypnosis) on who chooses her as her patron. In Faylin's case, though, she just strong-armed him into her room. She is a very observant lass, and seems to be somewhat intuitive to emotional states.
First Appearance: Page 470
Connlaoth Ferdomnach (CF)
Birthday: Thousands of Years Ago
Looks: White skin and long white hair. Has a tendency to dress in drag. Extremely pale blue eyes. 7'1"
Info: CF is the son of Ankou, AKA Death. His father would like nothing more than for him to take on his business as well, but CF finds humans more entertaining when they're alive rather than dead. Sometimes he is bemoanedly forced into helping his father, and on one of these trips he met up with a vampire. He quickly took an interest in poor Struan and simultaneously saved him from Ankou/entrapped him in his own interests.
First Appearance: Page 562
Sean O'Donnell
Birthday: August 7, 1818
Physical Age:44
Vampirized in: 1862
Looks: Greying auburn hair with sideburns and a mustache. Grey eyes and freckles. 6' 1"
Info: Sean starts out as a servant in Collamair's castle, but quickly rises in esteem for his service during the attempted takeover of vampire lands by a greedy English land owner and some constables. Sean is able to institute a new policy of vampire x human cooperation, protecting the people in town and bringing the vampires out of the shadows. his continued service and loose friendship with Collamair earn him the option of becoming a vampire. He accepts and continues working as liason between town and vampire.
First Appearance: Page 701
Mirna O'Callahan
Birthday: July 19, 1550
Physical Age:17
Vampirized in: 1567
Looks: Long, dark brown wavy hair, green eyes. 5'5"
Info: Faylin's eldest daughter, turned into a vampire by Eanwulf. So far, she seems angry.
First Vampire Appearance: Page 516
Birthday: ?
Physical Age: ?
Looks: Yellow eyes with slitted pupils, long, black hair worn in a braid, pointy ears. 5'0"
Info: Originally seen watching Faylin and Farrell from a distance, his focus was always meant for Faylin. He has approached him recently to offer aid of sorts to Faylin and Mirna in their flight from Collamair's. His motives remain unclear, but Faylin thinks he is interested in the presence inside of him.
First Appearance: Page 333
Renard St. Pierre
Birthday: September 29, 1862
Looks: Short, wavy, black hair; mustache and small beard; light brown eyes. 6'
Info: Renard is a bookseller in Paris. Mirna happened to visit his store one night, and he accidentally drove her away with his nosy employee questions. Through hard work and the perseverence of kindness, he has won a special place in her heart of not being something she despises. He is outgoing, friendly, and interested in helping Malone, as he knows Mirna, open up and maybe become a friend.
First Appearance: Page 1022
Amanda Bell
Birthday: November 5, 1872
Looks: Long, natural, black hair; brown eyes. 5'10"
Info: Amanda Bell is an American girl who came to study art in Paris. She lived with a fiance while they were both in college, but broke up with him sometime before they got married. Though the split was difficult for her financially (she was forced to sell any painting she could at just about any price), she has been doing very well for herself lately and feels like she is starting to make a mark in the art world. She originally met Faylin when she was still a student and did his portrait which Saorla later found and tracked down to her.
First Appearance: Page 1037
Francois Charrier
Birthday: February 16, 1873
Looks: Short, light brow hair, sideburns; grey eyes. 5'11"
Info: Francois was Amanda Bell's betrothed before they split up. He was studying to be a doctor and was very taken by Faylin and what sort of weird symptoms he was displaying.
First Appearance: Page 1030
Triona Caoilainn
Looks: Super long, pale blonde hair, light purple eyes. 4'11"
Info: Triona is CF's sister (so daughter to Caoilihionn and Ankou) and is married to Fearghus. She lives in an area where the two realms overlap. Both can be accessed from her home, depending on the way you come in and leave, the time, and the inclination of the host. She is a powerful sorceress and skilled at crafting potions. She's known to humans locally as a healer. She keeps her receiving room very plain and very human because she's trying not to rouse suspicion, but everyone pretty much knows she's a sidhe.

First Appearance: Page 1107
Looks: Medium-Short golden blond hair, yellow eyes, golden complexion, kat-sith. 6'4"
Info: Fearghus is Triona's husband and a full-blooded kat-sith from Scotland. The form he's taken in the comic is the most human he is capable of transforming into on his own. He mostly helps his wife out with whatever she needs doing. Ankou is not very fond of him.

First Appearance: Page 1111
Wilkins MacPherson
Birthday: October 31, 1876
Looks: Short, wavy, black hair; blue eyes. 6'10"
Info: Wilkins is a doctor and undertaker outside of a small town that is, in his own words, supernaturally friendly. He himself is half kat-sith on his mother's side. He takes great pride in being a quintessential Victorian man and has quite the collection of medical oddities and specimens. He is married to Mabel and together they have a son, Troy.
First Appearance: Page 1103
Cara O'Brien
Birthday: April 13, 1877
Looks: medium long, dark brown hair; green eyes. 5'3"
Info:Cara is a maid in the MacPherson household, along side a few other servants. She is congenial and friendly, and is very fond of Wilkins and his son, but not so much Mabel.
First Appearance: Page 1139
Mabel Flora McPherson
Birthday: February 28, 1876
Looks: Long, light brown hair; grey eyes. 5'11"
Info: Mabel is the daughter of a wealthy family and was married to Wilkins as an arranged matter without meeting him prior or knowing about his faerie lineage. Wilkins' father thought they'd be a handsome, tall couple together, but they never really took to each other, especially after Mabel learned her husband wasn't human. Shunted off to the backwoods of Ireland, she has little in the way of a lady's entertainment or duties to keep her happy and occupied.
First Appearance: Page 1103
Troy McPherson
Birthday: August 3, 1899
Looks: Medium, wavy, black hair; blue eyes.
Info: Troy is the adorable son of Wilkins and Mabel. He loves his dad and his dad's friends, but has tempered feelings about his mother, who he thinks might not like him very much.
First Appearance: Page 1103
Eadoin Gilleandrais
Birthday: June 20, 1107
Physical Age: 17
Vampirized in: 1124
Looks: Light brown, shoulder length hair, Collamair's deep blue eyes. 5'4"
Info: Eadoin is the son of Collamair and of the woman who was betrothed to Collamair's older brother. It was because of Collamair's illicit relationship that he was sold to Bhruic. Upon Eadoin's mother's death, he set out to find his father with only the names Collamair and Bhruic to go by. As his eyes are the same shade as Collamair's, Bhruic decided he would make Eadoin a vampire as well. He possesses the power to hide entirely in shadow, but much like his father, is not in any way endeared to Bhruic so quietly goes about disobeying him. Bhruic has been denying him his repeated requests to leave because he does not wish for Collamair and Eadoin to be happy together.
First Appearance: Page 153
Info: Ankou is a Sidhe, one of the Fair Folk, and roams part of Ireland in the important task of a Soul-Bringer. He gathers the dead, and makes sure they get dead on-time, then transports them to one of The Gates leading to the spirit realm. He is married to a princess and has two children, Triona and Connlaoth Ferdomnach.

First Appearance: Page 562
Caoilihionn Muirenn
Looks: Long, auburn, ringlet curled hair, purple eyes. 4'9"
Info: Caoilihionn Muirenn (CMom) is another Sidhe, wife of Ankou and mother to CF in the major cast. She stays and tends home while her husband is away on work. She is a princess, though eighth born to current king and queen and so very unlikely to ever get to the throne. She mostly spends her time being diminutive and adorable, and being the most top notch hostess she can be.

First Appearance: Page 878
Seorus Fellick
Birthday: December 27, 1891
Looks:Short, black hair; blue eyes.
Info: Seorus is a human servant for a vampire named Hagen who is another of Bhruic's offspring. Iggy saved him from some cruel treatment at the hands of Hagen's and Bhruic's vampires and took to watching out for him while they were there visiting. It was the nicest Seorus was ever treated there.
First Appearance: Page 1118
Seadhna and Aoibheann
Info:These are two of the Sidhe who are charged with keeping order at one set of Gates which mark the boundry between the mortal and spirit realms. Like CF and Ankou who collect souls, they also have a strong soul-element to their natures. Their job is guided by the record tomes telling them when people will die and hence when they should pass on in the next life. Souls that come early, late, or never show up at all result in a lot of headaches and paperwork.

First Appearance: Page 691