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Vampire Hunter B


My Favorite Comics

Alien Dice-A sci-fi tale about a pokemon like game featuring secret government agencies, alien abductions, and talking animals
Kagerou- (NSFW) a fantasy adventure with a mentally unstable protagonist who might just be hallucinatin the whole deal
Templar, AZ- (NSFW) Slice of life story following a new kid in an alternate universe Templar Arizona filled with the most in-depth cultures and movements of any webcomic I've seen.
Skin Deep-Transforming MONSTERS, angels, demons, DRAGONS, magic is everywhere--it's the best.
Bad Machinery-Hilarious mystery stories being solved by teens!
Judecca- (NSFW) Darky, moody fantasy. Really great atmosphere and panelling.
HomestuckLet me tell you about homestuck. No, wait, it's too hard. Nevermind.
The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal (NSFW)- In depth characterization and really well-thought out exection of pages. High class comicking right here.



Other Good Ones

Regular Updates

Trance (NSFW)-A sci-fi adventure with space-faring gay dog-like people.
Strays -Fantasy about an adorable little wolf girl trying to survive and make friends and become a bounty hunter
Fey Winds -A pretty hilarious fantasy about an odd group of companions searching for fortune and trying to save the world
The Awakend -A modern fantasy with shapeshifters and monsters, playing with how different character's perceptions of fantasy elements skew the world around them
True Magic- Peasants try to get their magical overlords to lay off of them. It's not going well.
Stand Still, Stay Silent -A post apocalyptic Swedish adventure
Questionable Content -Slice of life comedy about a bunch of regular folk and robots
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja -He's a doctor who's also a ninja
God Send -Fantasy taking place in a middle eastern setting about a failed prophecy and trying to make it work anyways
MegaTokyo -Slice of life, harem style romance
Guilded Age -Humorous fantasy based heavily on RPGs, really awesome characters.
Oglaf (NSFW)-Jokes about sex in fantasy/medieval settings
Tea House (NSFW)-fancy gay whores
Quantum Vibe -Sci-fi story of a small group of people making discoveries, shaking up the status quo, and trying to stay alive through political schemes
Miamaska -A girl gets transported to another time/place/alternate universe? She's not really sure what the heck is going on.
The Forgotten Order -A little magical doll that used to be human is rescued by a little girl who is pretty crappy at magic. They might be friends.
The End -Aliens abduct people from earth, then everything goes horribly wrong.
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things -Lots of video game and movie humor. Still really enjoyable if you don't follow the games.
Lintier -Sequel to Completed comic below, Lint
Monster's Garden -Giant fighting monster makes friends with little girl robot, and that sucks him into a whole world of trouble.
Sfeer Theory -A story about magic and politics and mysteries
The Fox Sister -Post WWII comic set in Korean about a girl trying to avenge her family's death at the hands of a shape shifting nine-tailed fox
The Adventures of Athena Wheatley -Sci-fi story about a time traveler from the 1800's ending up far in the alien-heavy earth's future
Curvy (NSFW)- Sexy dimensional hopping adventures.
Chester 5000 (NSFW)-Sexy victorian robot adventures.
Godseeker -Stoneage setting with gods, goddesses, and the people trying to make them do what they want.

Irregular Updates

No Rest for the Wicked
Prime of Ambition
Fungus Grotto
Hark! A Vagrant
The meek

Completed Cmics
Sailor Twain -Historical Fantasy done enirely in charcoal. If steamboats, mermaids, and magic don't interest you, you might have a problem.
A Redtail's Dream -Definitely one of my favorites. Finnish mythology mixed in a forced-dream-world adventure with a reluctant protagonist and his dog.

Prematurely Murdered
Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name -One of my favorites. I'm sad about its untimely end.
Goodbye Chains- Also one of my favorites. Post-civil war America with a thief and a communist trying to make their way in the world.


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