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Wednesday , February 14 , 2018

(Comic updates Wednesday and Friday)

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My Comments
Happy end of the chapter, AND VALENTINES DAY. Some comic, life, and updating announcements......

I decided to start DMing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. The first game is this Friday, which means I've spent almost all of my free creative time doing development of that, so my work on the next chapter is quite behind where it normally is. In addition, I've been thinking about pushing through Chapter 5's redo for a long time, so for right now, while I figure out my time management with DnD, I'm going to be working on that, which is farther along than chapter 44.

As for updates here on this page, I have a few commissions to post, I will probably finish up the steamy George and Fen sketchy comic from last chapter break, and maybe I will do some sketch requests if anyone has any! (post some if you do!)

So to be clear, there will be more new pages coming for chapter 44 here, it will just be a little bit longer than normal. Keep checking back for updates!

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