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Hand Print On The Wall

Pairing: Collamair X Faylin ( With random vampire whore in the beginning -wink- )
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Bondage, enough sap to make a gallon of Aunt Jemima Syrup, and rough, hot, sweaty, groaning, moaning vampire sex; you know, the usual stuff....

Part One
Collamair's Pet

A handsome creature, face almost always veiled by long silk soft honeyblond tresses that would lift and ruffle with each soft blow of the wind. His eyes a soft shade of icy sapphire blue, and his lips lush and soft. An angelic expression when he wanted would take hold of his facial features but when angered, he was a creature not even the grim reaper would want to face.

Collamair at the moment had finished feeding, the body of the young woman he had snatched from the village not far away slumped up against him and he gave a disgusted growl and shoved it aside. A young vampire would walk in, lift her up and bow to him. "I am honored you have allowed me to stay in your presence sir..."

He would nod and motion him over as the boy did so he grasped his chin. " Do not eye me as you have....or you may get what you want and you will rue the day you got it......"

A hot blush slammed into the boy's face as he looked away, further angering the vampire as he grasped his throat. "Let me show you what I mean......" The boy squeaked to the grip, pain rapping through his body but then he felt that man's incisors bite into his neck, at the nape and a loud moan escaped his lips as he was soon pressed to the wall. "Your a whore and nothing more. get it? "

Collamair has not been with a man in so long, he was willing to do this, pistoning his hips forth, sliding his groin up against the younger man's before the boy attempted to hold him closer. "Did I give you permission to touch me?!" The back of his hand caught the boy's cheek and he leaned in biting harder into his neck, a yelp and a second moan before he backed up and let him drop. "Hmph....get out of my sight...." The boy would stand, and with woman in arms, he would bolt out of the room.

Collamair smirked, licking the blood from his lips, now that he had his fun, it was time for business.


Young, he died young. The boy had the angelic features of a child yet the mature personality of an adult. His face was always filled with curiosity. His eyes, a sapphire blue, always glittered with excitement at his next assignment from his master Collamair. His hair, a fiery shade of honeyblond always kept in its very disarray hairstyle. He could brush it all day long but it would make little difference. His frame stood no taller than collamair, a young boy at 5 foot three inches, his body slender, slim, lacking of the musculature he would have most likely gotten at an older age.

He was at the barn, or the small building Collamair used as a barn. A dilapidated structure that almost seems to wish to die, to be burned to the ground and to crumble in peace. He was fixing up a stable, where the servants usually had to sleep if they did something to anger Collamair, when he heard it, the soft creak of old hinges grinding as a door was opened. He turned in time to have the hands, the firm grip, wrap about his throat and his shout was silenced, tossed to the ground as his attacker pinned him down. They person smirked from within their hood, he could feel it and they were slowly sliding a nail down the boy's shirt as a loud tearing sound came. Shirt torn off, they had access to the boy's slender chest, as well as his nearly perfect abdomen.

The boy's eyes widened, a blush streaked along his cheeks, then he felt it, the person's hands, went lower, to his pants, they were old and tattered, sewn crudely back together. They were quickly torn off his body and tossed aside. He now lay naked, beneath the figure above him, wriggling in an attempt to escape when the person leaned in, and whilst wrapping the boy's legs about their waist and grinding down on it, they whispered heatedly in his ear "Your nothing but a whore......"

The boy's eyes widened, that voice, collamair? No, it couldn't be, collamair had Faylin, but, earlier on that day....could he? The person was grunting, as they ground against him, their hips rolling sensually to send their growing erection, hidden behind his clothing, up against the other's skin as they smirked."You're mine boy .....scream and I'll rip your throat out...." Then the boy heard the other person stand. " Do not move.....and close your eyes..."

He didn't, if that was collamair, moving was the last thing on his mind, not wanting to be punished further. He did close his eyes and after a moment or two of staring into silence, into the shadow behind his eyelids, he felt it, a sudden tightening around his wrists. He dared to peek, and saw it, the man had begun to tie him to the ground, by his left arm and left leg. He'd peek at the person, and bit down a gasp, it was collamair but now, he knelt naked before him. His body glistening with sweat due to the heat in the barn, his eyes filled with lust. The man's hand would at times slide down to rub his erection, a thick, long hard erection, throbbing with need, protruding from a small thatch of pubic hair, beneath that a heavy set of testicles.

The man leaned in, Collamair's lips would soon press to the boy's and he'd smirk, biting down hard on his bottom lip as the boy whimpered. A warmth ran down the boy's chin, his bottom lip was most likely bleeding. He felt something, the man's lips surround his nipples, one by one they were granted one hard bite, causing the boy to raise his back off the floor in a groan but he shoved back down harshly. " your mouth...whatever I give you, you better suck on....if you bite....I'll kill you......" That's what he heard and then he opened his lips, and felt it. He felt the man's weight shift, then felt something warm, warm and moist, press to his lips and then thrust gently within them as a faint groan came from the man before him "Open your eyes....." The boy did and without surprise, he knew that this felt or seemed familiar, he'd notice it, the man had straddled his upperbody and had begun to thrust his hips, his throbbing cock jammed into the boy's mouth "I said suck......!!" The boy winced at the anger in the man's voice and began to do as told, sucking hard on that shaft as it was being slowly covered by saliva.

The man's bucking was growing in speed, reaching behind the boy's head to grasp his neck and guide his head up and down that penis as he sucked on it. The man arched his back, groaning and then he stopped, pulling his shaft from his lips as he smirked. "Liked that didn't you?" The boy answered quickly with a soft nod, a harsh blush on his face. " Good.....turn over....." he slid off him and the boy hesitated but seeing the man's eyes narrowing, he quickly turned over. "Now....present yourself to me....." He ran a hand down the boy's lower back, and along his pert rear end, cupping his ass and giving it a hard squeeze.

A soft gasp and the boy's rear end raised higher, his stomach and chest rested on the ground, his rear end raised high, he knew where this was leading, somehow he had known. Well, he should know, after having had accidentally walked in on Collamair and Faylin, he would know what this was. " going to hurt...." The man said, a soft note of affection in his voice? He had picked it up as the man grasped his hips and pressed his erection's crown to the boy's tight entrance. He tightened his grip on the boy's hips and with a strong yank back and at the same time a strong shove forward, he penetrated within the boy's puckered entrance and with a loud grunt, began to work his way in.

A pained gasp, a soft intake of breathe and he felt the man's pelvis bones press to his rear end, he had shoved himself all the way to the hilt. The man smirked, and licked his lips, sliding his hands up the boy's back to grasp his shoulders. Just as he grasped his shoulders, his nails dug into the boy's shoulders, causing him to cry out again and the man yanked back and rammed back in, beginning a rough motion, rolling his hips harshly without second thought of the boy's comfort or pain as that hard cock rammed in and out of his tight ass. The man groaned at the tightness, this boy was tighter than Faylin, the boy's inner walls almost crushing his penis. He grunted, using the boy's hips to yank him back into his lap as he shoved forth, starting to increase his momentum. "You're...a whore......and you're going to be...treated like a whore....!!" The man grunted, shoving his way in, sliding out, then with more force, ramming himself back in, in that soft cycle. The boy had then gotten used to it, which was bad, so he pretended to still be in pain but from time to time a loud, greedy moan escaped his lips as he longed for more but at the same time wished this to end.

Without warning the man stopped, sliding himself out, he tossed the boy onto his stomach. "Clean yourself up.....and go back inside......Eanwulf wanted to see you......." He reached down, easily snapping the rope that held him. Then, he heard the man pick up his clothing, looking over to watch collamair look over at him once, his shaft still hard and erect, but he did not want more of him, the whore would belong to eanwulf soon enough. He walked out of the barn, towards his home.


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